What Is The End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

A critical time for the landlords and tenants is to ensure the end of tenancy is completed successfully. The tenants want to get their full deposit back while the landlords desire to get their property ready for new occupants to move in. Thus, the two parties need to engage in end of tenancy cleaning.

So, what is end of tenancy cleaning?

It refers to deep cleaning when a tenant moves out of a rented property. Landlords and tenants are responsible for carrying out this process. It involves removing any grease accumulated for years, scrubbing all the floors, sanitizing, and dusting the high to reach areas. That’s why it is vital to consider a professional team that will perform the entire task and ensures that all the contract requirements between the property owner and the occupants are met.

Most of London’s cleaning companies have all the necessary machines and materials to perform the cleaning quickly and efficiently. However, having expensive machines is not an assurance of quality cleaning. You need to ensure that the cleaning firm matches your needs. In this case, comparing the end of tenancy cleaning prices is essential. It will help you choose a firm that will fit your budget. Also, consider a firm that follows strict procedures and checklist to provide the highest level of service. The list should involve essential areas such as:

Kitchen cleaning

The kitchen is the most used room in a property. It is where all kinds of food are prepared, cooked, and served.  Thus, you might notice some grease on the floor and walls. A Skilled end of tenancy cleaning company should clean, polish, and remove mold on all the surfaces. Also, they should ensure that the inside and outside of the cupboards are free from dirt.

Besides, they should clean the interior of the oven, dishwashers, fridge, and all the appliances. The bins should be cleared and cleaned inside and outside.

Bathroom cleaning

The bathroom is an integral part of the house. It is an everyday-used room. When kept in an unclean condition, it can lead to breathing issues due to inhaling mold and dust. Also, it can be a buildup of microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses. Thus, the end of tenancy cleaning firm should pay attention to the stains and watermarks. As you know, water can lead to corrosion. Therefore, removing rust from the sinks and bathtubs should be in the checklist. Other essential procedures to pay attention are:

  • Cleaning all the cupboards and drawers
  • Wiping the showerhead, bathtub, and removing soap residues from the tiles and walls
  • Cleaning mirrors, towel rails, and disinfecting the doorknobs and handles
  • Dusting the window tracks and mopping the floor.

Laundry area

Most people forget to perform cleaning in the laundry room. However, it is an important area that encounters dirt and water accumulation. When choosing the end of tenancy cleaning service provider, you need to ensure that they consider vital procedures such as:

  • Clean the washing machine and the inside and outside of the dryer.
  • Deep clean the inside and outside of the shelves and cupboards.
  • Remove stains from the walls and floors

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices in London

Did you know that an average price to clean a one bedroom flat in London is £145. Prices differ and are normally based on property size and location. It can even differ on the season as well as the low season you might be able to obtain some better end of tenancy cleaning prices.