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Elizabethan, cuz she classic

Turntable.fm is such a great thing for music as a whole, and I wish it nothing but success as it scales. Every day in there is a new possibility for connections, great music and good times. One particularly memorable evening, I had the pleasure of meeting Olga Nunes, one of Mashable’s Top 10 Turntable.fm DJs and a singer-songwriter living in San Francisco. While some better-known artists have been using Turntable.fm to test out their new tunes, Nunes has been using it as her underground marketing strategy – collecting almost 800 fans in a relatively short time on the site.

This girl is DIY to the max, using sites like Bandcamp and Kickstarter to keep her music going. The effort is paying off as Nunes’ music has evolved since she started writing in 2005. Originally a relatively basic “girl with guitar” act, Nunes is transforming into a more legit indie pop figure, her latest “Waiting For” featuring the kind of stuff that I’m such a sucker for – bells, hand claps. Anything bubbly, man… gets me every time. Couple that with a rock solid voice to make Olga Nunes one of my favorite Turntable.fm finds thus far.

Olga Nunes – “Waiting For”

Pre-order her upcoming album LAMP on Bandcamp

We so excited

Turntable.fm is one of the most exciting things to happen to the music scene in some time. Artists, producers, music lovers and even entire companies are getting in on the social music action. It’s still in closed beta, which means you can meet some really interesting people and is not yet perverted by the hordes of dipshits of the internet. Which brings me to DJ Invisiboy, a rad dude I met in a Turntable.fm room and has since become a regular friend on the site.

Almost forget to mention, the dude cranks out some awesome mashups. Today’s Music Monday/Mashup Monday track is “Low Bots” – a dope mashup of Robyn’s “Fembots” with Flo Rida’s “Low” and a little helping of Freezepop in there. Perfect little mashup to start your week off with an upbeat, fun tempo. This is just a sample of DJ Invisiboy’s rad selections, check out his website for more or his Twitter account to find out when he’s hitting the Turntable.fm decks.

[Download] DJ Invisiboy – “Low Bots (Robyn vs Flo Rida vs Freezepop)”