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The Knocks are a little tied up right now

The Knocks are a little tied up right now

Today I thought I’d continue with this blog’s longstanding tradition of blogging almost every single release from The Knocks. Been down with these dudes since my NYC days starting about five years ago, and with their latest EP it just gets even better. Comfortable decides to enlist guest artists like X Ambassadors, Sneaky Soundsystem and Ra Ra Riot to buoy The Knocks’ classic disco/electro pop vibes. I can’t really pick out one track that stands above the rest so consider the decision to blog the title track as arbitrary. Head to their Soundcloud page to check out the whole thing.

It’s like that one Trojan commercial, with more death

It’s no secret that Electric Panda Music is a huge fan of HeavyRoc Music and their unrivaled roster of artists. Founded in New York City by B-Roc and Jpatt of The Knocks, HeavyRoc Music is on the cutting edge of the new pop sound. Although it should be no surprise, they really threw us a curveball with their latest addition, Brooklyn’s Vera Flash.

Her Facebook page describes her as an “Electronic Pop Goddess” but Electronic Pop Archangel might be a more fitting description. Her first single “Hustle” is simultaneously danceable and unsettlingly dark. Couple that with the most disturbing music video since M.I.A.’s “Born Free” and you’ve got a real buzz-worthy jam on your hands. Stream the single below or watch the music video, and head to hear fan page to download a free MP3 of the track.

Vera Flash – Hustle Prod. Rusty Mack & Vera Flash by veraflash

Kings of New York

As per our tradition of posting every song The Knocks release, there was no debate about throwin’ up “Learn To Fly” – a favorite at live shows that’s never gotten a proper release. Apparently cut from their Magic EP, “Learn To Fly” holds its own against the rest of their stellar collection.

In a lot of ways, The Knocks defined New York City for me, and this is just another jam from them making me homesick. To illustrate what kind of energy these guys bring, they played a rooftop show in Manhattan with security forcing them to keep the volume down and they STILL killed it. They’ll be playing a few festivals this summer so be sure to keep an eye out.

Learn To Fly by The Knocks

HeavyRoc Music‘s Samuel first graced Electric Panda Music with his 2010 hit “I Heart NY.” NYC comes back as a theme with his latest “Brooklyn,” a wistful tune lamenting the difficulties of dating someone who lives in another borough. It’s a sentiment that will ring true for any New Yorker, as even living a couple subway stations away from someone can put them out of reach for regular hang outs.

Samuel continues to impress, and we’re very excited for what’s in store this year. Both him and the entire HeavyRoc Music roster is poised to explode any moment.

The Knocks and Mandy Lee are no DUMBOs

I’ll keep this short, because I always post every new song that The Knocks come out with. They’re legends in the making as far as Electric Panda Music is concerned and they keep adding on evidence to support that. Bringing newcomer Mandy Lee to the mix, The Knocks take on M83’s “Midnight City” in true NYC dance pop form.

Hey, at the very least it’s nice to hear the lyrics enunciated. And the video was shot a couple streets from my old apartment. God, there are so many reasons to love this.

Midnight City feat. Mandy Lee (M83 Cover) by The Knocks

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