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"This door needs a bird on it..."

With The Shins officially declaring to the world that they’ve lost their touch, it’s time for a new indie darling to emerge from Portland. ¬†Enter Ramona Falls, an experimental indie rock band started by Brent Knopf, a former Menomena band member. They’re not experimental in the Ariel Pink sense, preferring to take the Yeasayer road of genre-melting.

They’ve got an album coming out tomorrow, and will be playing Cafe Du Nord on May 11th. In the meantime, you can catch some of their other moody jams on Facebook.

Going solo on the Tag Team

Ah, what a great way to start the week! Friend of Electric Panda Music, DJ Invisiboy, sent us an exclusive mashup upon request. We were looking for something from blog favorites and NYC producer kings The Knocks and Invisiboy didn’t disappoint. He came back with “Dancing with the DJ” mashed with Tag Team’s “Whoop! There it is,” adding some Jesse Marco for effect.

Do we really need to wax philosophical about this one? Fanboy alert: anything with The Knocks is a win in my book.

Rumor around town is that Invisiboy has some big things in the works so keep an eye out on this upcoming Portland DJ and mashup artist. As for today? WHOOP! THERE IT IS! (That never gets old…)

Drop with the DJ (The Knocks, Tag Team, Jesse Marco) by DJ Invisiboy

Listen to the original “Dancing with the DJ” on this post