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Gangsters of love

Gangsters of love

HEARTSREVOLUTION is comprised of New York duo Ben Pollock and Leyla Safai. They’ve been hanging around the music scene since 2008, releasing an EP or two along the way. But now it would appear that they’re ready for a proper release with Ride or Die now available to stream on Soundcloud. They almost sound as if Kitty Pryde fronted Sleigh Bells with a Riot Grrrl attitude. Enjoy the title track below.

They went with the "puppy dog eyes" tactic of landing a record deal

They went with the “puppy dog eyes” tactic of landing a record deal

Don’t make the same mistake this blogger did and Google this band’s name looking for more information (shoulda seen that one coming). I’ll spare you the uncomfortable moment and say that basically all we know is that they’re the former members of The National Rifle and also that holy shit this is an incredibly good song. Bondage & Discipline has somehow managed to marry the contemporary ethereal feels of electro pop sirens like Grimes and Purity Ring with the attitude and execution of the 90s britpop wave of bands like Pulp and Suede. All the while carving their own territory so as to not sound overtly derivative. On a personal level, I am extremely excited to hear more from this trio, and you should follow them too.

Huge thank you to author and Radio.com producer Courtney Smith for sending this along

By the end of the photo shoot, Adam had had just about enough with Zoe's antics

By the end of the photo shoot, Adam had had just about enough with Zoe’s antics

It seems as if there will always be a place for boy/girl electro pop duos in our hearts. Following in the footsteps of so many NYC-based duos before them, ASTR slays it with haunting vocals, moody production and just enough pop to keep your head bumping.  You might have heard of them because of the excellent Drake cover, but they also just dropped the Varsity EP just to let you know they’re the real deal. “Operate” has that “could get picked up by the radio at any moment” qualities and is definitely worth a listen. And, you know, while I’m at it I’ll throw in “R U With Me” because it’s that damn good too.

made in heights

It’s about that time of year where all the music blogs are itching to write their year-end lists, and this is one of those examples why it’s best to wait until the last minute. Technically, Beverly Hills duo MADE IN HEIGHTS put out an album about five months ago but I’m just coming across them with the recent release of “Death.” And really, what can I say about this other than I haven’t been so excited about a musical act since the emergence of 2013 stars CHVRCHES, Haim and The 1975. In fact, MADE IN HEIGHTS could be described as a mix of the unique production of Purity Ring mixed with the pop stylings of the aforementioned CHVRCHES.

In summary – THIS MUSIC IS INCREDIBLE. Even trying to compare it to anything else is a disservice to the sound. Sure, it might not be very professional or critical of me to gush like this but honestly, if this band doesn’t blow up in at least some way in 2014 there is something wrong with the world – and you know I don’t say that lightly.

Listen below and listen to everything else on their Soundcloud page. Seriously, whoa.

Look what I can do!

Look what I can do!

Just when you thought there was a lack of new, quality electro pop coming out we’re given the German/Norwegian duo KALEIDA I’m always a sucker for beautiful, quirky female vocals and they work perfectly here against a very poppy, lean beat. This is the only track we’ve got from them now but stay tuned for a debut EP coming out this December.

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