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FRANKIE’s first problem is a flower located inside her mouth

Most of the time, the best pop music floating around is stuff you’re not going to hear on the radio (yet). I could spend a lot of time trying to deconstruct every little element of this song that puts it ahead its radio counterparts, but that would go against the ethos of the track. It’s just… really nice to listen to. And like FRANKIE sings, everybody’s got problems so there’s a little something for everyone to relate to. She only has a couple songs out right now but “Problems Problems” definitely puts her on the watch list.

Disgruntled former Polyphonic Spree members move to Brooklyn and start a new band

Disgruntled former Polyphonic Spree members move to Brooklyn and begin anew

Okay so that caption is a complete and utter lie, but Rubblebucket is a five-piece set from Brooklyn that’s been around for a few years now. While their name and the dude in dreadlocks might lead you to believe this lies somewhere in the spectrum between Dispatch and Slightly Stoopid, they’re actually a pretty sweet genre-bending indie band with hip hop and electronic sonic influences. Dig the new “Carousel Ride” off their upcoming Survival Sounds album.

Now that's what I call a splitting headache

Now that’s what I call a splitting headache

Is it just me or is music getting harder to describe these days? Regardless, it’s not like anyone reads these anyway. You’re going to get lured in by that luscious hair, or maybe I should have tried to convince you to listen with a picture of ex-Snakadaktal Phoebe Lou. Either way, the second track release from Australia’s Hopium is beautiful, emotional and easily digestible (and no I don’t mean that last one as a detraction). Enjoy the song, you logophobes.

Lowell - "I Love You Money"

Lowell – “I Love You Money”

Typically, pop stars are pre-fabricated tools created by labels or financed by their rich parents (looking at you, Lana Del Rey) so it’s always refreshing to see someone with a murkier background and unique experience on the come up. Canadian pop singer Lowell took a hard turn into drugs, leading to a brief career stint as an exotic dancer. Now she’s making a name for herself in the music world, using her past as inspiration for the brilliantly catch pop songs she crafts. While the feminist themes of her latest single are great to hear in a pop song, it stands alone as an infectious sonic treat. Her debut album, “We Loved Her Dearly” comes out September 16th on Toronto’s independent label Arts & Crafts.

Hello Brooklyn

Hello Brooklyn

Just when you thought maybe NYC was sleeping on its indie band game, a group like Salt Cathedral comes along to completely blow you out of the water. Laced with tinges of electronic production that you might expect from the current musical zeitgeist, “Tease” is indie rock and pop at its core, with vocals that remain beautiful even while strained. Big ups to Brooklyn for this one!

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