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By the end of the photo shoot, Adam had had just about enough with Zoe's antics

By the end of the photo shoot, Adam had had just about enough with Zoe’s antics

It seems as if there will always be a place for boy/girl electro pop duos in our hearts. Following in the footsteps of so many NYC-based duos before them, ASTR slays it with haunting vocals, moody production and just enough pop to keep your head bumping.  You might have heard of them because of the excellent Drake cover, but they also just dropped the Varsity EP just to let you know they’re the real deal. “Operate” has that “could get picked up by the radio at any moment” qualities and is definitely worth a listen. And, you know, while I’m at it I’ll throw in “R U With Me” because it’s that damn good too.

Judging by the sunglasses I'm going to assume there was a LOT of daylight (ha ha ha)

Judging by the sunglasses I’m going to assume there was a LOT of daylight

Feels like it’s been a minute since I’ve posted some hands down, catchy-as-fuck pop music and what better way to bring it back than with an upcoming trio from Brooklyn? Little Daylight is as adorable as their name would make them out to be. Even with only a small selection of songs available, it’s clear they have the potential to create a name for themselves. An EP is due out in August so it’ll be a while before anything big happens. In the meantime, enjoy this fresh jam and mark them down on your “watch” list.


Music comes to our lives in different ways, whether we seek it out or by happenstance, and whether or not it stays and how we view it is determined by even more immeasurable variables still. Sitting on this flight back from New York City to San Francisco I think about the last few days and how I’ll remember this legendary trip, the complete details of which will only be shared by a select few.

I had come back to the city to DJ a wedding of two friends who were getting married on the Brooklyn waterfront with an absolutely gorgeous view of Manhattan. The wedding party and guests were seated to a selection of Mark Mothersbaugh instrumentals from Wes Anderson movies and the bride walked out to “Penelope’s Theme” by Nathan Jones – adorable and cute in all the ways you can’t get from a Chris Brown song.

After a short but moving ceremony, the newlyweds kissed triumphantly as The Kinks’ “Strangers” came on in celebration and they walked back down the aisle as husband and wife. It was, quite honestly, very touching and perfect for the occasion. But what really hit me was shortly afterwards, as the sun came down behind the massive city skyscrapers and the guests milled about waiting for dinner, I threw on “Sweet Disposition” by Temper Trap and in that moment something clicked in a way I hadn’t felt before about an already pretty epic song.

It’s an anti-thesis to everything that a wedding symbolizes (eternity, forever, commitment), but instead a celebration of just that one sweet moment. That brief period in time where things come together and it’s just… perfect. “Sweet Disposition” is a powerful song without any sort of context but that one moment, on that one dark evening in Brooklyn under the promising lights of Manhattan it entered into the realm of one of the Great Ones.

A dream, a laugh, a kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs.. a moment of love

They should call themselves The Necromancers since they're always tryin' to revive something, amirite?

They should call themselves The Necromancers since they’re always tryin’ to revive something, amirite?

For a lot of people, The Strokes coming out with a new song is a big deal in and of itself. While I’ve never been an avid listener of the post-punk rock gods, the synth lines ripped straight from A-Ha’s “Take On Me” on this latest effort are immediately grabbing. Plus, Julian Casablancas’ vocals on “One Way Trigger” are almost wistful, a style I’ve never heard from him before. Basically, I totally dig this new Strokes song because it doesn’t sound like The Strokes. With a new album on the way this year, maybe it’s time for a closer look.

It’s like that one Trojan commercial, with more death

It’s no secret that Electric Panda Music is a huge fan of HeavyRoc Music and their unrivaled roster of artists. Founded in New York City by B-Roc and Jpatt of The Knocks, HeavyRoc Music is on the cutting edge of the new pop sound. Although it should be no surprise, they really threw us a curveball with their latest addition, Brooklyn’s Vera Flash.

Her Facebook page describes her as an “Electronic Pop Goddess” but Electronic Pop Archangel might be a more fitting description. Her first single “Hustle” is simultaneously danceable and unsettlingly dark. Couple that with the most disturbing music video since M.I.A.’s “Born Free” and you’ve got a real buzz-worthy jam on your hands. Stream the single below or watch the music video, and head to hear fan page to download a free MP3 of the track.

Vera Flash – Hustle Prod. Rusty Mack & Vera Flash by veraflash

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