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I'd like to think this is how they do Christmas in Sweden

Maybe Christmas isn’t a non-stop fun fest for you. Maybe you like your holidays a little darker, edgier. The good thing is you don’t have to be a Scrooge or a Grinch to enjoy The Knife getting in to the Christmas spirit with “Christmas Reindeer.” The holidays are usually the time for more traditional, contemporary or folk acts to bust out with the seasonal song, so it’s great to hear an electro pop act chime in.

Don’t expect ringing bells and lots of cheer, this is as moody as you can get!

The Knife – “Christmas Reindeer”

Merry Christmas to you too, Vanessa

Happy Holidays! Growing up, my mother would make us listen to nothing but Christmas music the second Thanksgiving was over. Thus I always made it a personal challenge to assemble as many cool Christmas songs as possible to ease the pain. This week I’ll be focusing on the best alternative holiday music out there at the moment.

We’ll start with Vanessa Carlton’s “Hear The Bells,” from her new EP of the same name. Yeah, Vanessa Carlton, can you believe I’m posting this s***? Thing is, the song is the most haunting and gorgeous track I’ve heard all winter. She’s playing the song of a cold, dark wintery night. Streets are empty, the sky is foggy and coated with falling snow. Can you hear the bells?

Vanessa Carlton – “Hear The Bells”

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