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“To sleep, perchance to Dream; Aye, there’s the rub”

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Americans! They don’t celebrate shit up here in French Canada but the personal sentiment remains. Today, I am thankful for this song from Chance the Rapper’s new band The Social Experiment. Yes, that’s right, Justin Bieber collaborator and suburban-friendly rapper Chance is gracing the pages of Electric Panda Music. Honestly though, there’s not a whole lot of choice in the matter as “Sunday Candy” is an undeniable hit, the most upbeat of songs to ever pick you up off your feet. So for today, smile and move your body through the plinkety plinks of the piano keys and be happy for the friends and family who love and care about you.

"Smells like updog in here"

“Smells like Updog in here”

Two guys that I’ve gotten to know a little bit since moving to the Great White North are Montreal producers Thomas White and Dear Lola. Together they’ve founded the RAW Records label, and stand as a prime example of the immense talent in our local music scene. This time around they’re teaming up to release a new EP in December featuring remixes from the rest of the RAW Records family. This Rae Sremmurd remix is just a taste of what’s to come, plus it makes for some great Sunday afternoon introspection. You’ll be hard pressed to not have “bad bitches! red cups with the ice!” stuck in your head for the rest of the week.

If you’re local, they’re kicking up a monthly event series called #SSEENN, with the first show on November 22nd at The Blue Dog.

Some people just have “those” faces, you know?

I’m a little upset that I find myself here, now, about to even make this post. As one of the vanguards of chillwave, Toro y Moi (in my personal, critical opinion) represents everything that was awful and boring about indie rock over the last few years. That said I guess all Chazwick (ugh) Bundick needed to make actually good music was reverting to another moniker. He’s got an album coming as Les Sins, and this single release shows a lot of promise in what that might hold. “Talk About” is a dope mix of hip hop and house that could easily be set on loop for hours.

Yeah, not going to touch this caption

Must have been sleeping on this one, since this remixed version of OG Maco’s “U Guessed It” featuring 2 Chainz is the first I’ve heard of it. Yet, the young Atlanta rapper is apparently blowing up right now, with the original track charting on Billboard shortly after its release. The last year or two has seen an uptick in these kinds of concept rappers, taking on new flow styles and experimental beats. This remix is the next step in that direction, with a dissonant beat that OG Maco and 2 Chainz wrap and warp perfectly with their deliveries.

El-P doesn’t do a whole lot for Killer Mike’s intimidation factor, does he?

Run The Jewels have always sort of done things their own way and they’re to be commended for that. This time around they’re releasing Run The Jewels 2 for FREE on October 27th and taking pre-orders for tour dates instead. And you can’t talk about them right meow without mentioning the fact that there is a Kickstarter for a Meow the Jewels album. If it raises $45K in the next month, they’ll re-record the entire album using cat sounds to replace the instrumentals. El-P, you crazy bruh.

In the meantime, holy shit, they released this single from the upcoming album called “Oh My Darlings Don’t Cry” and it’s one of the best I’ve ever heard from them. The whole track is a non-stop journey through filthy space with Captain Killer Mike, escalating at every step along the way. By the time you hit the end you’re left wondering what the fuck just happened.

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