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Perhaps the most electrifying rapper of the current generation, Danny Brown is planning on re-releasing his 2008 LP Hot Soup, with 7 additional tracks that includes this alternate version of “Contra.” This is Danny Brown near his finest, spitting filthy, abrasive bars over a minimalist old school hip hop beat that allows his chaotic delivery to take center stage.

The press photo equivalent of a "fuck you"

The press photo equivalent of a “fuck you”

Honestly, I can’t tell you much about this other than Prom Nite is a producer who’s been dropping earth-shaking remixes of cheesy R&B jams on Soundcloud for the last few months. In each case, he/she’s created something that far surpasses the original in complexity, depth and even overall catchiness. “She Know It” makes T-Pain’s “Up Down” explode with booming drums and booty shakin’ handclaps. Throwing in “4:43 AM” in here too if only because the bridge starting at 1:45 is just unreal. Seriously I can’t even remember where I came across this stuff but it’s pure gold.

Come on, mother fuckers, come on

C’mon mutha fuckas, c’mon (no seriously, assholes in the front… dance)

Maybe it says something about the versatility of Biggie’s luxurious, legendary flow that his records often make great fodder for mashups. And sure, mashups are no longer “en vogue,” and rarely do they ever grace these hallowed walls of HTML, but there’s always the exception to rule.

The Melker Project is about to drop the Skeetles EP, full of Biggie vs. Beatles tracks. This little number leaked early and features “Come On” laid over “Don’t Let Me Down,” expertly spiced with none other than the bluesiest dubstep producer, Gramatik.

I’d like to think that had they been able to meet, John Lennon and Biggie would have bonded over a fat rasta spliff. One can only dream.

Sure, why not

Sure, why not

Where on earth could you ever find classical french tunes sampled over a slow-burning, throwback hip hop beat? Where the hell else? Sweden, ya dummy! In the magical land of rainbows and unicorns, the cradle of electro pop civilization, comes a young producer who goes by JHAS dropping them ill beats. Noting that he was trying to make some room on his computer for new projects, he released Random Selection on Bandcamp to get rid of some “throwaway” tracks. One of them being “Pain Au Chocolat,” a delicious 2-minute dessert for your eardrums. Bon appétit, bitches.

Wasn't my first choice of press photo but, you know, cat.

Wasn’t my first choice of press photo but, you know, cat.

Tried showing this one to a friend earlier today and he says “Oh yeah, I know all about this one.” Attempts to not be pretentious aside, that’s the last thing you want to hear as an audiophile sharing tracks with friends. Well, turns out this dropped like 5 months ago, so that makes me the goose. Who is this band, you say? Well it’s The Uncluded and it’s mother fuckin AESOP ROCK and KIMYA DAWSON from The Moldy Peaches.

Wa we wo wa wa! Was your little indie mind just blown right there? Yes, everyone’s favorite backpack rapper from high school and the adorably-voiced Kimya Dawson are a musical duo. The result is something more than just the sum of its parts, breathing new life into old sounds that could have easily been left behind as time went on.

Buy their debut album Hokey Fright on iTunes now.

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