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Just your mild-mannered, friendly, neighborhood superproducer

Typically I try to not be in the habit of posting stuff that’s so well known it can rack up millions of listens in short order, but the new stuff Flume is releasing might be the best of his career and you need to hear it. After dropping the emotionally charged “Never Be Like You” a couple weeks ago, he follows up with another jaw dropping gem from his upcoming Skin LP. “Smoke & Retribution” delivers filthy syncopation with Vince Staples’ hard flow contrasting wonderfully against Australian siren Kučka’s vocals. I’m already calling this as a strong contender for Top 10 album of the year by the time 2016 wraps up. Hot DAMN.

Pictured: Juicy J probably not fuckin’ with you

Getting older, one thing that’s struck me as odd is the growing propensity for wanting to stay the fuck inside. Maybe certain long-term herbal remedies have played a role (which might explain the solidarity in this track). It was tickling to catch the hilarious quote, embedded below, from Logic detailing his recipe for keeping it real. Suffice to say, having him show up on a Juicy J track called “Ain’t Fukin Wit Cha” was delicious icing on the cake. Combine that with the fact it’s an absolute banger and it just had to be shared.

Play it cool, hotshots

One of the great things about music in the modern age is that there’s so much of it, it’s impossible to stay on top of it all, which also happens to be one of the most frustrating things about music in the modern age. It was with much delight and simultaneous chagrin that I came across North Carolina producer L’Orange and Chicago rapper Jeremiah Jae’s new album, The Night Took Us in Like Family. Apparently L’Orange has been around for some time and seriously how the fuck am I just finding out about his work?

Without fear of exaggeration I am happy to say this is some of the best hip hop I’ve heard in some time. They somehow manage to stay true to the roots of hip hop without falling into the trap of backpack rap, which is what happens far too often in less talented and innovative hands. The flows are quick, nimble and raw and at times I swear Jeremiah Jae sounds like Q-Tip on a Tribe track. That alone is reason enough to share, L’Orange’s incredible beats aside. The whole album is solid but for now get a fresh taste of this:

This man is my hero

Some people like to bemoan the current hip hop zeitgeist as it continues to move away from poetry and consciousness, and more toward the abstract and raw emotion. The DJ/producer, originally the main act in hip hop, has returned to prominence with the rapper shifting back towards their role as emcee, the ringmaster of the moment. In this instance, DJ Carnage fully harnesses ILoveMakonnen’s style in an electrifying fusion of massive production and abstract delivery. There may not be a message, it’s certainly not conscious, but god damn it feels fucking fantastic. I LIKE TUH!

“To sleep, perchance to Dream; Aye, there’s the rub”

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Americans! They don’t celebrate shit up here in French Canada but the personal sentiment remains. Today, I am thankful for this song from Chance the Rapper’s new band The Social Experiment. Yes, that’s right, Justin Bieber collaborator and suburban-friendly rapper Chance is gracing the pages of Electric Panda Music. Honestly though, there’s not a whole lot of choice in the matter as “Sunday Candy” is an undeniable hit, the most upbeat of songs to ever pick you up off your feet. So for today, smile and move your body through the plinkety plinks of the piano keys and be happy for the friends and family who love and care about you.

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