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Are you ready for a brand new electro-pop darling? Copenhagen’s Karen Marie Ørsted (MØ) killed it with the release of “Pilgrim” last October and followed suit with “Glass,” a space voyage of light drums and cascading synths. Aside from giving us a new reason to use the [Alt] function on our macs, MØ gets extra credit for including the line “turn the lights off so our horny souls can get some private time.” I mean, really. It just doesn’t get better. 

While her distribution currently remains through Sony Music Denmark, word on the street is that Neon Gold is cooking up a 7″ in the near future. Stay tuned.

The most misleading image you'll find of this band

The second example on Electric Panda Music of Denmark making a rush at Sweden‘s share of the synth pop market, WhoMadeWho is a bright new group with a lot of polish. “Below The Cherry Moon” is off their upcoming Brighter, due out March 5th on Kompakt.

It’s a slow, moody synth pop track with all the makings of a future soundtrack record.

Also, my apologies for the recent infrequent posting. Moved to a new city and a more demanding job, but posts should start coming back more regularly now.

Hay girl hay?

Denmark decided their neighbors were having too much fun and wanted to get in on the indie pop action. Meet Girlfriends, a trio with an ear for retro and an eye for pastel. Their single, “Nowhere Near Your Heart” wonderfully samples New Order and offers something a little rougher around the edges than what we normally hear from their Swedish counterparts.

If they keep this up their band name may become a self fulfilling prophecy. Check out more stuff on their SoundCloud page or download it all for free from this link.

Nowhere Near Your Heart by GIRLFRIENDS