Gary Go – “Cinema (Ft. Carina Round)”

Who could resist?

If you’re an electronic music head you’ve probably heard the name Gary Go by now. He’s the voice behind two Benny Benassi hits this year, “Cinema” and “Close to Me.” More importantly (yeah, I said it), he teamed up with The Knocks on “Magic,” a song I’ve been looking for an excuse to post.

Well, Gary Go isn’t satisfied with just being a guest vocalist on pop and electronic tracks. A composer and producer in his own right (he actually wrote “Cinema”), Gary Go is doing his own damn thing and will be releasing his a solo album Now Was Once The Future. First up is a new rendition of “Cinema” featuring Carina Round on vocals.

It’s not as catchy as the one he did for Benny Benassi, but it’s a step in a good direction for his career. He’s like a Mayer Hawthorne that knows he’s white, with a lot of potential to make some waves in the pop world over the next year.

Gary Go – “Cinema (Ft. Carina Round)”

Magic ft. Gary Go by The Knocks

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  1. L. Jewell’s avatar

    i love it! but don’t hear Carina Round on vocals?


  2. chase’s avatar

    She doesn’t have a lead role in this one, just the backing vocals (I believe)



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