College feat. Electric Youth – “A Real Hero”

Hey girl, I heard you like great soundtracks so I found this song for you

Maybe I hadn’t noticed it before but it seems there’s a trend in movies that star Ryan Gosling. Namely that at least one epic song emerges from the soundtrack. I’m still researching this very important matter, but Blue Valentine unearthed Penny & The Quarters’ “You and Me” for us and now we have “A Real Hero” by College feat. Electric Youth off the Drive soundtrack.

While I haven’t seen Drive and likely never will, “A Real Hero” must have accompanied some mother effing emotional moments – was it the closing scene? Someone educate me on this, please. Regardless, this is perfect movie music. Gosling, I don’t know what it is about you but I can’t bring myself to hate you the way I did Leonardo DiCaprio at the age of 12 when Titanic came out.

Call it coincidence if you’d like but I’d dare to say there’s some serious Ryan Gosling music magic in the air.

College feat. Electric Youth – A Real Hero [Motion Picture Music] by Electric Youth (Official)

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  1. Concerned Citizen’s avatar

    Haven’t seen Drive?! Likely never will?! Drive is a unique and fascinating film. While it creatively pays homage to some iconic films, the “feel” of the film throughout is unlike any film you’ve seen. And you get to see Gosling covered in motor oil!


  2. chase’s avatar

    Well the soundtrack certainly leads me to believe it has a unique stylistic touch, but you just sold me on seeing Gosling covered in motor oil. Oww owwwww.


  3. Fake hero’s avatar

    Yeah, don’t know why your not going to see this movie. it was a really enjoyable experience. besides, What could be better than “kavinsky” the movie.

    It was smart and thrilling, tastefully directed. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure!



  4. chase’s avatar

    Haha okay okay… it is obvious that I have completely misread the vibe of the movie. I’ll be putting it on my to-do list.

    And don’t deny yourself the title, you’re a real hero 😛


  5. wheelman’s avatar

    Supposedly, Ryan Gosling was a big part of the reason that this song was selected for the soundtrack.

    Also, I wasn’t a big fan of his either, but don’t let any negative feelings you have hold you back from experiencing the awesomeness of Drive.



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