Emilie suddenly regretted her choice of outfit under the hot stage lighting

Came across this undeniable gem while perusing Hype Machine’s “Best of 2014” collection and it instantly took my breath away. Seldom can artists do so much with so little, and even at its boldest moments, “Grown Up” brings you through them effortlessly. There is only one other track on Emile Nicolas’ Soundcloud account and one can only hope this is the start of something big. Norwegians are pretty great at creating these dreamy atmospheres but she stands tall among the crowd.

Update: Unfortunately, because I live in Montreal now, didn’t realize that she released an album a few months ago because it’s not available in Canada. Lucky for you American readers, you can listen to Like I’m a Warrior on Spotify.

For all of their musical unity, Dan was still coming to terms with Olivia’s powerfarts

The Finnish/French duo of Dan Levy and Olivia Mehrilati known as The Dø finally seem to be coming into their own. While I’ve been a fan since 2011’s Both Ways Open Jaws, this new single from their upcoming album displays a powerful maturation of sound. “Sparks” will be featured on Shake Shook Shaken when it’s released on January 26th, and other recent releases have shown that this one is pretty representative of the quality to expect. This could be the moment for them to gain some deserved notoriety in the North American market.

No press photos means we resort to this. BEAR-son, get it!?

You don’t hear about them as often as the French or Americans, but whenever a Norwegian producer breaks through there is usually an immense amount of magic involved. The last one that really stuck out for me was Philter (one of my favorite albums of 2012) and this time around it’s Jakob Bjørn-Hansen, known as Bearson. “Pink Medicine” is his first original release and it’s full of amazing, bright tropical synths that quickly take you to a very happy place. Reminiscent of superproducer Kygo, there is a lot of potential here and it’ll be interesting to see what he drops next.

“To sleep, perchance to Dream; Aye, there’s the rub”

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Americans! They don’t celebrate shit up here in French Canada but the personal sentiment remains. Today, I am thankful for this song from Chance the Rapper’s new band The Social Experiment. Yes, that’s right, Justin Bieber collaborator and suburban-friendly rapper Chance is gracing the pages of Electric Panda Music. Honestly though, there’s not a whole lot of choice in the matter as “Sunday Candy” is an undeniable hit, the most upbeat of songs to ever pick you up off your feet. So for today, smile and move your body through the plinkety plinks of the piano keys and be happy for the friends and family who love and care about you.

We know you know that a picture is being taken, guys

Now that I live here, it’s time to start shining more light on the many amazing artists based out of Montreal. We last covered electronic producers Thomas White and Dear Lola, and this time I’m turning to some delightful indie pop from Les Passagers. To be completely honest, they seem to have a pretty small following so there’s not a lot out there about them. This only means that they’re really underappreciated because the music is fantastic.

As a side note: if you’re looking for more Francophone music, I just stumbled across this blog called La Playlist Du Lundi that posts a new French-language playlist every Monday. Not where I picked this song up, but they’ve got some good selections.

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