Some people just have “those” faces, you know?

I’m a little upset that I find myself here, now, about to even make this post. As one of the vanguards of chillwave, Toro y Moi (in my personal, critical opinion) represents everything that was awful and boring about indie rock over the last few years. That said I guess all Chazwick (ugh) Bundick needed to make actually good music was reverting to another moniker. He’s got an album coming as Les Sins, and this single release shows a lot of promise in what that might hold. “Talk About” is a dope mix of hip hop and house that could easily be set on loop for hours.

Punx not dead

LA production duo Vaughn Oliver and Oliver Goldstein, strangely referred to as “Oliver,” have recently released this screaming track featuring a healthy mix of bass, dubstep, house and disco. We’ll go ahead and throw the end result into the “heavy electro” category. Whatever label you want to throw on this jam, what cannot be argued is that this thing carries forward nonstop like a galactic semi trailer that’s lost its brakes. Happy friday, everyone.

Just A Gent

I’m sure he’ll regret this when he’s older

Just A Gent is a 17-year-old producer from Australia who’s being called a prodigy although I’m not fully convinced yet that we’re looking at a new Madeon. Or maybe my opinion has since been swayed because of that god awful attempt at personal branding (see above). That said, this new original track is beautiful. At first it may seem like your standard emotional festival ballad, but he does some really weird stuff with the strings that almost comes across as abrasive, but then you’re all like “nah man, this is cool.” Alright now hand me my music journalism award and we can all go home. Enjoy:

Can you imagine how hilarious it would be to watch Morrissey have to sit through a conversation with Lana Del Rey?

Every time I post a mashup I always start with a disclaimer that I’m not usually in the business of posting mashups, so I guess this time is no different. Maybe I am in that business after all and will suffer eternal denial. Whatever. What’s striking about this one is how perfectly they work together, with the instrumentals of “Video Games” giving depth and sadness to Morrissey’s vocals on “This Charming Man.” Although I couldn’t think of two polar opposite personality types (morose intellectual vs. vapid whatever she is), the themes live in perfect harmony. And while I would normally take issue with screwing around with such a sacred cow as The Smiths, it’s hard to argue in this case.

Yeah, not going to touch this caption

Must have been sleeping on this one, since this remixed version of OG Maco’s “U Guessed It” featuring 2 Chainz is the first I’ve heard of it. Yet, the young Atlanta rapper is apparently blowing up right now, with the original track charting on Billboard shortly after its release. The last year or two has seen an uptick in these kinds of concept rappers, taking on new flow styles and experimental beats. This remix is the next step in that direction, with a dissonant beat that OG Maco and 2 Chainz wrap and warp perfectly with their deliveries.

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