And we all float on…

It’s not often that you hear of many Italian producers coming out in the IDM (or whatever you want to call it) circuit. Especially with these rich, Japanese-inspired textures that are usually reserved for the French guys like Fakear. That said, his debut album Beyond Stolen Notes on Loci Records stands among the best of them, offering incredibly lush and transcendent landscapes. If you need to be taken to another place, this might be just the vehicle for you.

Having a hard time coming up with my usually snarky caption for this one

Bebe Rexha has already had a small foray into the music scene, serving as the vocalist for the hit song “Take Me Home” by Cash Cash, and formerly was the other half of Black Cards (that shit band Pete Wentz keeps trying to make a thing). It was a good decision for Rexha to leave Black Cards and pursue her solo career because the world needs more “dark pop” and she’s damned good at it. “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy” is one of those songs that drunk sorority girls will latch on to but also has enough flavor for more refined music listeners to appreciate. Plus, it says “fucking” a few times so really how can you be mad at that?

Mmm drugs r bad mmkay

Producers Benny Blanco and Two Inch Punch formed like Voltron to make BenZel, and they’ve consistently put out some amazing productions over the last two years.  Their latest, featuring Australian R&B singer Ben Abraham is no exception. This is one of those tracks that really speaks for itself so we’re going to skip the whole “providing context” thing this time. Feel free to dive in and have your spirits lifted:

This is why we love these two

Sabzi and Kelsey Burkin are set to take over the world as Made In Heights, who are about to release their sophomore full length Without My Enemy What Would I Do, on May 26th. I’ve written about them before, and there’s not a whole lot more to add other than beefing up my endorsement even a few more notches. It isn’t often that you encounter new artists who can’t seem to do any wrong. Their first album, the self-titled Made In Heights, is nearly flawless from start to finish and everything they’ve put out ahead of this new one pushes them even further. Don’t take my word for it, just pick anything from their SoundCloud page and you’ll see what I mean. Enjoy, and don’t sleep on them.

“Why the fuck are you shining that light so brightly at me”

Actor’s SoundCloud account is hilariously titled /whoisactor and indeed, who is Actor? All we really know is that it’s the alias of Louisa Osborn with a collaborating producer and drummer, and this is their first song. The sound itself isn’t groundbreaking, but it is exceptionally well done. It reminds me of what POLICA could be if they weren’t so reserved, or of Florence & The Machine back when she wasn’t boring and uninspired. Things turn a corner a little over halfway through the track, when what you think might be more of a dark pop song blossoms into soaring, massive rock. I like songs that require you to listen them in their entirety to form a complete opinion, and with this one you’ll have plenty of chances to do that after playing it over and over again.

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