"Stop talking about your penis and drop the bass already!" she yelled in vain

“Shut up about your penis and drop the bass already!” she yelled in vain

Nothing like an up-and-coming producer to bring some of music’s best folks together in a single track. Alison Carney sings the hook while Q-Tip and Theophilus London spit effortless rhymes on this chilled-out jam to throw on just as the sun comes down for a night of partying. Also, the guy’s last name is Tittsworth (supposedly) so that has to count for something.

Now that's what I call a splitting headache

Now that’s what I call a splitting headache

Is it just me or is music getting harder to describe these days? Regardless, it’s not like anyone reads these anyway. You’re going to get lured in by that luscious hair, or maybe I should have tried to convince you to listen with a picture of ex-Snakadaktal Phoebe Lou. Either way, the second track release from Australia’s Hopium is beautiful, emotional and easily digestible (and no I don’t mean that last one as a detraction). Enjoy the song, you logophobes.

The mic is mightier than the sword

The mic is mightier than the pen

Bonne Fête Nationale! I don’t actually celebrate Bastille day but I’m sure Blondino does, and it’s a perfect excuse to post some beautiful music from this Parisian singer-songwriter. She’s a relative no name with almost no following on her Soundcloud page, but you should head there and give her a follow because this “Mon Amie” single shows an incredible amount of promise. 

Lowell - "I Love You Money"

Lowell – “I Love You Money”

Typically, pop stars are pre-fabricated tools created by labels or financed by their rich parents (looking at you, Lana Del Rey) so it’s always refreshing to see someone with a murkier background and unique experience on the come up. Canadian pop singer Lowell took a hard turn into drugs, leading to a brief career stint as an exotic dancer. Now she’s making a name for herself in the music world, using her past as inspiration for the brilliantly catch pop songs she crafts. While the feminist themes of her latest single are great to hear in a pop song, it stands alone as an infectious sonic treat. Her debut album, “We Loved Her Dearly” comes out September 16th on Toronto’s independent label Arts & Crafts.

All hail the Space Elephant

All hail the Space Elephant

Exciting news here on the EPM front, I’m moving to Montreal in August! Yes, indeed. And I hate to say it now that I’m on my way out but the San Francisco local music scene is pretty whack. More on that later, but the good news is that Montreal has one of the hottest local music scenes in North America so expect to see a lot more on that front in the coming future. Speaking of Montreal, meet my good friend Emile Gauthier AKA The Space Elephant AKA E1000. He just released this absolutely kickin’ remix of Nial’s “Sonic Waves.” Like me, he’s a video game nerd by profession but music nerd first and foremost, up on some Mook Life shit, you know what I mean? If you aren’t from Montreal, you probably don’t. But enjoy this jam nonetheless.

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