Look at that f***ing candy kid

There’s something to be said for diving straight into a beat and never looking back. Transgressive Records is releasing a bunch of old and rare tracks from artists on their roster and we were lucky enough to get an early (but very, very good) track from progressive hip hop producer Flume. This is one of the jams that helped him get signed in the first place and it’s easy to see why. I could almost listen to this all day on repeat.

Editor’s Note: Electric Panda Music has moved to Montreal! This won’t have much of an effect on content right now, but I’ll be looking to highlight more artists from the incredible music scene here.

“Oh god, why did I decide to wear this sweater today?”

Music typically works in cycles, where the previous decade’s style is loathed and the one prior to that is celebrated and used as inspiration. Based on this theory, we should be entering an era where 90s influences would be taking over but the ethereal and emotional atmosphere of 80s synth pop continues to be a force in music. Brooklyn’s HAERTS is a great example of this, and after only having one single out for the last year they proved they can do it again with “Giving Up.” Look for their debut album to come out later this year.

He must make this face in every picture

You just know he makes this face in every picture

Honestly confused as to which angle I’m supposed to take with this one. On one hand, you have the German producer Glastrophobie who is probably the best example of talent influenced by Avicii’s Folk/EDM experiment. On the other hand, the song he’s remixing is by Anna Graceman, who was only 13 at the time it was recorded. Lorde may have had you confused at 16, but I’m honestly shocked by the output here. Either way, this is a great remix that doesn’t fit neatly into any sort of electronic sub-genre and that alone is something word lauding.

As an added bonus, here’s an acoustic performance of the original by Anna Graceman. Seeing is still hardly believing.

RIP Mike Brown

RIP Mike Brown

There has been some discussion about what role a music blog should play in social issues. The goal of Electric Panda Music is to share great music with people, but sometimes things get too heavy to ignore. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in this country who aren’t afforded the opportunity to put their head in the sand. J. Cole gives voice to the injustice happening in Ferguson with the release of “Be Free.” This isn’t anything new in America, but maybe this is the time where people say enough is enough.

RIP to Mike Brown, Ezell Ford, Eric Garner, Dillon Taylor and all other victims of police violence. Love to their families and loved ones, may they yet see justice.

Disgruntled former Polyphonic Spree members move to Brooklyn and start a new band

Disgruntled former Polyphonic Spree members move to Brooklyn and begin anew

Okay so that caption is a complete and utter lie, but Rubblebucket is a five-piece set from Brooklyn that’s been around for a few years now. While their name and the dude in dreadlocks might lead you to believe this lies somewhere in the spectrum between Dispatch and Slightly Stoopid, they’re actually a pretty sweet genre-bending indie band with hip hop and electronic sonic influences. Dig the new “Carousel Ride” off their upcoming Survival Sounds album.

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