Tfw ur emotions got u liek

Montreal-based chanteuse Charlotte Cardin enlists help from Husser of fellow local legends The Posterz for a track so rich, sultry and hitting that it should rocket them both out of any regional-based limitations on their popularity. It’s been done many times, but bringing together lounge-y female vocals with hip hop verses doesn’t always fit together perfectly. Cardin’s voice is just as lush and moving as the minimalist R&B bassline driving the track, which is perfectly complemented by Husser’s “tough on the outside but clearly hurting on the inside” delivery. There’s a lot of local talent in Quebec but these two really took things to the next level on this one.

I would highly recommend checking out Cardin and Husser’s individual work if you dig this one.

Can I, uh, borrow this?

It seems as if the southern future trap sound has made it’s way north to New York City through Brooklyn’s own Desiigner. The upstart rapper just got signed to G.O.O.D. Music and was even featured on Yeezy’s “The Life of Pablo.” Admittedly, this song is about as derivative as they come considering it sounds exactly like a Future track, and he’ll need to do more to distinguish himself as his career moves forward. That said, a trap song about pandas from a Brooklyn emcee is not something that can be ignored on this blog. It’s basically our new theme song.

Panda. Panda. Panda. Panda.

Giving the people what they want

As someone who’s gotten deeper into the electronic music scene over the last few years, it’s always refreshing to discover something that stands on its own through its poetry and delivery with minimalist instrumentals. “Solo with guitar” is a tough thing to pull off, but British newcomer Isaac Gracie absolutely slays with his haunting debut single. His soft yet gravelly voice is reminiscent of a more approachable Kurt Cobain (not to mention the hair), which adds even more weight to an already powerful and dark song. “Last Words” is his first and only single, and we can only wait with bated breath to see what he might do next. It could go either way, especially in this genre. Take the time to listen to this one, don’t let it passively play in the background or you’re going to miss what gives it so much soul.

Bad as they wanna be

I’ve always had a soft spot for sneering, female-fronted bubblegum punk rock so it’s not surprising I was grabbed by this single from Bleached’s (wow that’s awkward in the possessive form) upcoming sophomore album, Welcome the Worms. With the 2010’s more than halfway through, it’s to be expected that we see the 90s revival continue to progress and this is a more than welcome addition. Now who’s ready to hop into a car and joyride around town without a care in the world?

Vic Cobain

Instead of spending any time indulging Kanye’s bullshit by downloading Tidal to hear his new album, let’s instead turn our attention towards a brand new track from Chicago’s Vic Mensa that Yeezy shared during his listening party at Madison Square Garden. Chicago is booming with talent right now but breakouts seem to either fall on extreme ends of the spectrum, like the thoughtful but boring (Chance the Rapper) to the dangerous but stupid (Chief Keef). Vic Mensa seems to fall somewhere in the middle of that, and this latest is a perfect example of marrying aggression and bravado with sharp and witty lyricism. Plus, you can’t help but love a subtle jab at Drake:

I don’t like the way that niggas talking like they bulletproof/ Till they gotta find out what a bullet do/ Catch two in your Canada Goose, it’ll turn a nigga into proof

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