Matt Martians second guessing his decision to wear a hoodie in the summer

Alright so there are several reasons why I love this song so much, some of which may or may not apply to you specifically so bear with me here. First of all, the track from former Odd Future members Matt Martians and Syd the Kid features Montreal producer Kaytranada, who seems to be on a real come up right now. Secondly, in light of my mother country’s landmark Supreme Court decision to legalize same sex marriage across the country, it feels more than just appropriate to share a track with Syd the Kid sweetly crooning to her lady love interest. Lastly, your Monday is probably lacking in sexy and this one is hot as fuck. Might have to unbutton the top button after a quick listen.

The Internet’s third album Ego Death drops tomorrow, June 30th.

“Wait, we’re not Purity Ring”

Rock is a dying art. LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy called it years ago in “Losing My Edge,” singing “I hear you’re buying a synthesizer and an arpeggiator and are throwing your computer out the window because you want to make something real. You want to make a Yaz record.” It’s true that the alternative scene has become incredibly soft, leaning more toward electro pop and an overall strange flirtation with EDM and R&B. There are a few artists here and there like Metz and Savages keeping the torch alive, but that’s more the exception to the rule. It’s a welcome continuation of form, then, that Foals’ latest single off their upcoming album of the same name is a blistering rock anthem worthy of throwing the horns up for. What Went Down drops August 28th.

Had no idea the Sons of the Harpy had DJs, too

This is one of those tracks that I usually file under guilty pleasures since it’s definitely one of those made-for-the-club progressive house/dubstep songs, but it’s just undeniably fun to listen to. Sound Remedy strikes the right balance and doesn’t overdo it on the dub side. There isn’t anything groundbreaking here, it’s your typical female vocalist with emotional vocals floating over massive electronic waves but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to produce something enjoyable.

Side note, I always find it interesting that producers feature these completely no name vocalists that you can’t find anything else about on the internet. Maybe it’s all the same person using pseudonyms? Forget the Mat Zo beef, That’d be your EDM story of the year.


HVOB (Her Voice Over Boys) is an Austrian electronica duo who provide their own vocal samples. They recently released their sophomore album Trialog, which is pretty great as a whole but this “Azrael” track stands out to me more than anything. There’s a very tense, Jon Hopkins-esque foundation to the track but what gets me the most is the dissonant (what sounds like) wood block that clacks away throughout the whole thing. That’s all I really have to say about it. The wood block is great. Enjoy.

“I don’t even own a car”

I’m not sure if this makes me hip, anti-hip, or just an individual with his own unique motivations and interests but… I have this thing where I tend to appreciate trends after they’ve faded from the mainstream. Obviously it’s the opposite when it comes to music but this new original track from RAC is playing to my general trend behavior. At some point last year folk rock died out of the mainstream (thank god) and the Lumineers and Mumford & Sons of the world went back from whence they came. So I was surprised then, that RAC’s latest original track is not only a very similar brand of folk rock but it’s quite good, too. Turns out the answer is that it’s radio-friendly folk rock without all of the bullshit that made those other bands so insufferable – the hand clapping, the whistling, the bells. Leave it to an electronic music producer to remove the shit and fill in the blanks with warmer, more enriching sounds.

Anyway, enjoy having this stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

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