This man is my hero

Some people like to bemoan the current hip hop zeitgeist as it continues to move away from poetry and consciousness, and more toward the abstract and raw emotion. The DJ/producer, originally the main act in hip hop, has returned to prominence with the rapper shifting back towards their role as emcee, the ringmaster of the moment. In this instance, DJ Carnage fully harnesses ILoveMakonnen’s style in an electrifying fusion of massive production and abstract delivery. There may not be a message, it’s certainly not conscious, but god damn it feels fucking fantastic. I LIKE TUH!

*Gasp* Cultural appropriation

Sometimes it just takes a minute for a band to hit their stride. Brooklyn’s Body Language have been around for a few years with at least one full album release, but I hadn’t heard anything to fully distinguish them from everyone else doing the synth-dance thing. Don’t get me wrong, the seeds have always been there and I even remember their live show coming across as more experimental than the studio records.

All of that said, the proverbial shit has hit the awesome fan because their new single rocks so fucking hard I don’t even know what to do with my face after the beat got stuffed in my ears. “Really Love” is the chains coming off, the door getting kicked in, the gate blown off. It sounds so incredibly massive without even trying to be that way. Your body starts moving through strange oscillations as it pulses through your body.

This shit is incredible and I feel bad about ever having doubted them. Let’s just hope this track is indicative of what else is to come this year.

FRANKIE’s first problem is a flower located inside her mouth

Most of the time, the best pop music floating around is stuff you’re not going to hear on the radio (yet). I could spend a lot of time trying to deconstruct every little element of this song that puts it ahead its radio counterparts, but that would go against the ethos of the track. It’s just… really nice to listen to. And like FRANKIE sings, everybody’s got problems so there’s a little something for everyone to relate to. She only has a couple songs out right now but “Problems Problems” definitely puts her on the watch list.

Ladies of the Dance

You really don’t need a blog like this to tell you who Calvin Harris or Haim is. You probably don’t even need me to tell you that this song exists and in fact, I’m probably being somewhat of a basic bitch for doing so. I can’t even use the “This is AMERICA and I will say what I WANT” defense because I live in Montreal now. In summary, there’s not really a good reason for this post to exist, but it’s going to and you’re going to like it. The summary also kind of applies to the song itself. There’s no real good reason for this thing to be out there but it’s awesome and you’ll just have to deal with it.

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“I scwatch the vinyl wif my two wittle fingers like dis!”

Here’s a little ditty that starts going places you didn’t expect it to go. Bro-Dinski might look like a total Douchenksi, and the initial vocals sound like more of the same Young-Thug inspired new school rap we’ve been getting a lot of, but just after the minute mark things start to go completely haywire. The track just goes completely off the rails in the most unexpected way and you’re left wondering what the fuck just happened. And then you go back and try to piece together exactly what the fuck did just happen, and you’re taken on the same emotional and spiritual roller coaster all over again. Alright maybe I’m exaggerating a bit on that last part but damn, this is a hot track.

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