She’ll get out of that catering job one of these days

Pop is kind of a double-edged sword. While the vast majority of it is empty, shallow and not the least bit intriguing, it can be an incredibly impactful sound with the right creative approach. I’ve always veered toward the darker, richer end of the pop spectrum (Marina & The Diamonds, Ellie Goulding), and this new track from upcoming singer Annabel Jones fits in nicely. The daughter of The Monkees icon Davy Jones, she’s taking the opposite approach from her father’s group and attempting to create something fresh and meaningful. “IOU” accomplishes this quite nicely, managing to remain both understated and aggressive while undeniably infectious. Her debut EP Libelle, produced in part by Dntel’s Jimmy Tamborello, is forthcoming on Atlantic Records.

Just your mild-mannered, friendly, neighborhood superproducer

Typically I try to not be in the habit of posting stuff that’s so well known it can rack up millions of listens in short order, but the new stuff Flume is releasing might be the best of his career and you need to hear it. After dropping the emotionally charged “Never Be Like You” a couple weeks ago, he follows up with another jaw dropping gem from his upcoming Skin LP. “Smoke & Retribution” delivers filthy syncopation with Vince Staples’ hard flow contrasting wonderfully against Australian siren Kučka’s vocals. I’m already calling this as a strong contender for Top 10 album of the year by the time 2016 wraps up. Hot DAMN.

So I guess we’re still doing the “sadboi” thing huh

What is it about electronic music that makes it possible for young producers to show intense talent at an early age? Is it the digital element, where some kids are replacing video game consoles and games with laptops and midi controllers, spending entire summers locked in the basement slaving away? He certainly wasn’t the first, but Madeon broke onto the scene as a 16 year old, and there have been countless examples since.

The latest to spring up is 17-year-old Oshi, a producer from London that has been steadily growing a serious following in the last year. So much so that I’m actually a little surprised he hasn’t shown up on my radar until now. His sound is expressive and playful, seamlessly mixing and flowing between cutesy notes and massive textures. Check out this fantastic remix of Kali Uchis’ “Ridin Round” and be sure to keep your eye on him from here on out.

Can't make ridiculous captions without legitimate press photos

Can’t make ridiculous captions without legitimate press photos

The homies Dear Lola and Thomas White over at RAW Records here in Montreal continue expanding their sound and roster of artists, and their latest addition to the RAWCUT Free Download series is quite the hard-hitter. Based all the way over in the UK, MORE // NIGHT is on some Sam Gellaitry shit with this cut. He’ll be working on an EP for the label so that’s one more thing to look forward to. Now excuse me while I throw on “Ceramic Drips” for the Nth time in a row.

It’s lit

Hey it’s Friday which means that most of you are either planning to go out tonight and have a blast or head straight home to get into your underwear and scratch yourself. Either way, it’s a cause for celebration. What better way to put a goofy smile on your face than with a Grimecraft remix? The prolific San Francisco producer (and good friend of mine) is a master of incorporating dance and club sounds into the world of 8bit and video games. Below you’ll find one of his more recent gems of a trap kawaii remix, but there’s a lot to pour through on his SoundCloud page too. You can catch him streaming sets on Twitch, Sundays @ 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern.

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