One of these band members is more important than the others

It always hits a sweet spot when more instrumental-focused experimental electronic producers dip their hands into tracks with vocal melodies (Four Tet immediately comes to mind). Ghostly International‘s Shigeto delivers a delicate and soft remix of Hundred Waters’ “Cavity,” the first release from his upcoming remix LP, The Moon Rang Like A Bell. Out February 17th, it should be a nice secret weapon in your music arsenal for a dark and seductive late night leading into the early morning.

Anton found himself genuinely conflicted over which angle was, in fact, his best angle

There must be something, at least in the electronic world, about naming your song “You” that demands quality. Gold Panda and Bibio obviously hit that one out of the park, and now Swedish newcomer Anton Borin adds one more to the mix. Calling it “minimalist house” doesn’t do the song enough justice. It’s not going to melt your face off, but there’s something so subtly catchy about it that it’s impossible to dislike.

Attempts to pose for the camera were thwarted by Brenmar’s amazement at his own penis

Funny thing about this track is first sixty seconds I thought it was pretty basic, and then midway through the first verse Brenmar drops what sounds like acid space water all over the track and things get crazy. “Award” is single released from the Awards EP dropping later this week on Fool’s Gold Records and well, it’s just really good. All of the electronic genres that were so specific and siloeed in 2013 and leading into 2014 are starting to melt together and create a closer bond to mainstream hip hop. Looking forward to seeing more of this, and good luck getting this one out of your head for the next couple days.

Taking a holistic approach to 90s revival

Now that we’re sneaking into the halfway mark of the decade, it’s about time that my generation’s borrowed nostalgia for the 80s slowly gets replaced by the younger generation’s borrowed nostalgia for the 90s. It’s a cycle that’s repeated for years – the current decade hates the previous decade but idolizes the one prior to that. You certainly won’t hear me complaining about that, especially if it means more tunes like this fantastic slow burner from Australian quartet Twerps. If you’re really into this kind of sound, Twerps’ label Merge Records seems to be leading the 90s revival with an impressive roster.

If you’re looking for an extra reason to see Starfoxxx live, well…

Chicago producer David Beltran isn’t trying to do anything groundbreaking or mindblowing under his Starfoxxx moniker. His music is a lot like his album title, Baby I’m Off Drugs and Ready to Marry You – fun, silly and memorable. “Bae HD” is a shining example of his upbeat, jungle-tinged sound with vocals that will have you trying to sing along even if you aren’t exactly sure what’s being said. It’s actually nice that his music is good because typically there’s an inverse relationship between how clever or witty an artists’ name or song titles are, and the quality of their output.

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