Robyn, eat your heart out

There’s just something about Scandinavian pop artists, isn’t there? It’s hard to throw a rock without hitting a solid track from one of these singers, so it takes a little extra to stand out from the crowd. Kill J manages to do this with outstanding electronic production and smooth, catchy R&B hooks. The others are good but, this is better.

(Yeah, I went there)

Trying to convince myself that this is not the artist's actual aesthetic

Trying to convince myself that this is not the artist’s actual aesthetic

Sometimes you come out with something that’s just so hot it’s really hard to top it. It’s entirely possible that I’ve missed out on some gems along the way, but Brooklyn producer and singer (and Grimes homie) Pictureplane hasn’t seemed to eclipse 2009’s “Goth Star,” despite still making a name for himself in the underground scene along the way. To be fair, it’s a difficult thing to do because that track is breathtaking, but his latest is real hot and worth taking a look at. “Riot Porn” feels subversive before you even start listening to the song, but the repeated “You’re renegade street trash” chorus absolutely seals the deal. It’s sexy, a little dirty, and makes you want to get drunk at your nearest local underground warehouse party. Well played to him.

Boom boom boom

Norwegian producer Coucheron just dropped his new Playground EPwhich is pretty great but this track with Rye Rye is easily the standout. Saying it has elements of trap and 8bit video game samples is true but belies how just upbeat and positive the whole offering is. Plus it’s been what, like 3 years since we’ve heard from Rye Rye? She’s welcome back with open arms after this one.

“An artist at work” – OH at Four Tet show

It’s always funny to see the occasional disconnect between an artist’s interpretation of their own work and the reception it receives among their fans. You hear stories of famous songs despised by their writers, and while this one doesn’t rise to that level, the way Four Tet dropped this one is a gem:

“BACK2THESTART” has popped up occasionally in Four Tet‘s mixes and live sets but he just barely put it up on Soundcloud after apparent popular demand. It’s one of the few songs (only?) with fully fleshed out verses and chorus that he’s done, and it all works together beautifully. He might think it’s a toss-out, but the rest of us beg to disagree.

“You told me you were bringing a decent SLR to the shoot, asshole”

Elizabeth Harper, most popularly known as Class Actress, first showed up on Electric Panda Music back in 2011. Maybe it’s a sign of my changing personal tastes but, while I’ve always been a fan, the new “GFE” just wasn’t doing it for me. Too 80s, too drowned out, too slow. Luckily, Los Angeles producer SNBRN came along and scooped this lost child up, turning it into the sensual and dark jam it deserved to be in the first place. When your song is referencing a term used in prostitution, it needs to get a little filthy and this was just the trick. No pun intended.

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